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I need to be scouted...

2017-06-28 15:05:36 by djean

I will start making songs for GD once I am scouted. Scout me if you like my music! :^D


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2017-08-02 09:57:26

Thanks to people abusing GD, no new artists can get featured in GD without contacting RobTop directly. If you're legitimate you will have a hard time, but it you're not, it will be impossible. Just some things to keep in mind. Also, asking to be scouted is a quick way to get banned from the portal.


2017-08-02 15:00:50

What ADR3-N said regarding Geometry Dash. Blame all the folks in the GD community who have spammed the Audio Portal with stolen music. Here's a good point of reference, straight from RobTop:

Try submitting more music if you're hoping to get noticed. As a rule of thumb, I never scout anyone without a decent repertoire of tracks. Five or more is a decent start.

And yeah, don't ask to be scouted. That's pushy, kind of pathetic, and totally against the rules.

djean responds:

ok im sorry :( but hey, thx 4 notice me :)